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::  Learn Braille
:: Story of Braille
:: Directory of Blind Schools, NGOs , VRCs
:: Social Project for Visually Impaired person
Technology Developed
Assistive Devices
:: 40 Character Tactile Reader - Electronic Braille Display

:: TextBraille - Text -to - Braille transcription software

:: DirectBraille - Braille -to-Text transcription software
:: ReadBraillePlus - Touch Reading software for Tactile Reader
:: EasyBraille - Interactive multimedia CD-ROM for learning Braille
:: WIMATS - Mathematics Braille Transcription Software
: : Screen Reader - Screen Reading software
Braille Resource Archive

Click here to get the Braille Archive in major Indian languages.



Geographic location of IT enabled Braille resource and training centers in India


For IT enabled Braille education infrastructure development, Webel Mediatronics Limited has installed IT based Braille Systems over 230 special schools for the visually challenged all over India. Some of our softwares are used in abroad also.

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