Webel Mediatronics Limited (A Government of West Bengal Undertaking). A system house for Studio, Broadcasting, Transmission, Electronics and Information Technology based products and services
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Strategic Electronics:

Floating Recorder and Transmitter ( FRAT ):

WML has successfully developed Floating Recorder and Transmitter using ISM band frequency for transmitting GPS information from a floating vessel in the sea.

 250 KW, 3 Phase DC Chopper:

The company has successfully developed a 250 KW, 3 Phase DC Chopper indigenously  for the first time in the country.

 BLDC Motor Based Servo Controller :

WML is presently developing Micro controller and DSP based Firmware for speed / position control of BLDC Motors of varying capacity. WML has successfully developed 2.2 KW BLDC actuators for DRDL. Advanced controller based on DSP/FPGA is under progress.

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