BYE BYE Reddit... Why Reddit Communities Are Going Private in Massive Protest

Thousands of Reddit groups turned private on June 12, 2023, in opposition to platform changes. On June 10, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman revealed the changes, which include a new price structure for outside applications that use Reddit's API. With the new scheme, applications will be charged a monthly cost of $10,000 for up to 100,000 active users and $100,000 for more. 

Reddit moderators who urged for communities to become private on June 12 and 13 organised the protest. The moderators contend that the new price structure would make it harder for users to access Reddit through third-party apps and that it will hinder innovation inside the Reddit app ecosystem.

Reddit's statement in reaction to the protest reads, "Committed to working with our API partners to find a solution that works for everyone." Additionally, the business has stated that until July 1, 2023, it would not charge developers for use of the Reddit API.

BYE BYE Reddit... Why Reddit Communities Are Going Private in Massive Protest

The demonstration is the most recent in a string of difficulties for Reddit. The business has received criticism in recent years for both its handling of harassment and abuse on the platform as well as its content moderation practises. Other social media sites like TikTok and Discord are also posing a greater threat to the business.

What effect the protest will have on Reddit is yet to be determined. According to the business, it is "committed to listening to our community" and will "continue to work hard to make Reddit the best place for everyone." The demonstration has, however, brought attention to the growing discontent among some Reddit users with the direction of the website.

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