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Digitization of Documents & DMS

-  Community Radio System (CRS)



WML has implemented Web based document management system for Govt. of West Bengal and have digitized Record Room Documents at 13 District Collectorates.     Click Here...

One stop solution from WML for a complete broadcasting station built around CRS-50 Transmitters

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Fire Alarm System

  Systems for Disabled

WML offers high end Fire Detection and Alarm System of Schrack Seconet as Distributor and Integrator. The system provides 100% hot redundancy with full IP connectivity.

* Protect Life and Property

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Electronic assistive devices and application software in major Indian languages for people with disabilities.


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Visually Impaired  Hearing Impaired 

Cerebral Palsy 



Solution for LED Lighting RFID-based Automatic Key Manager

Highly efficient energy saving LED lights for various indoor / outdoor applications, using Nichia / Cree LED's. High lumen / watt high quality driver circuit, most economical and environment friendly.


RFID-based Automatic Key Management System allows or restricts the employees of an organization to access the room keys by using their RFID based identity card, issued by the organization.




Patient Record Management Software

Sound Limiter
RF Power Amplifier
Strategic Electronics

An Integrated Patient Management system meant for medical practitioners, Poly-Clinics and Nursing Homes.

Sound Limiter is used in the Public Addressing System to keep sound level within the specified range.

WML manufactures UHF / VHF power amplifier of different Capacity.

Chopper controllers, Digital controller for   Actuators, Floating recorder and transmitter etc.



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