Calcutta Blind School, Kolkata
The School
Calcutta Blind School as a torch bearer to the education of the Visually Handicapped not only in West Bengal but also in India, has been rendering yeoman services to the cause since 1894. Late Rev. L. B. Shah has set up this institution with the philanthropic mission in order to uphold the cause of the sightless in the society. Thanks to his benevolent attitude, the institution has come to it's present position.

The School is a Secondary Institution for the sightless in West Bengal, which affords equal opportunity to the sighted boys and girls on a large scale irrespective of caste, creed and colour. It is affiliated to the West Bengal Board of secondary Education and sponsored by the Government of West Bengal.
Academic Activities

We have classes from kindergarten to class X along with additional ungraded class for the general streaming of new corner. As the education of the Visually Handicapped is strictly individualised we can not take more than twelve students in Class Room programme. Each Teacher has to impart individual attention to train up the students.
Performance of students at Madhyamik Examination in last five years:

Year No. of Students Star Marks 1st Divn. 2nd Divn. 3rd Divn.
2002 10 02 10 - -
2001 14 - 08 05 -
2000 08 - 04 04 -
1999 13 - 05 08 -
1998 12 - 04 08 -
Sports and Games
The School has regular activities on Cricket, Chess, Yoga, Swimming and Aquatic Sports in the realm of Sports and Games.
According to the prescribed syllabus of WB Board of secondary Education physical training is imparted to the students in the form of yoga and brotochari. In addition the School imparts regular training on aquatic sports.

Calcutta blind School at various Sports meets

1997 - Won prizes in Swimming Competition organized by Louis Braille Memorial School for the sightless.
Participated in Cricket match with Louis Braille Memorial School for the sightless.

1998 -Calcutta Blind School organized Inter School Sports Meet for the sightless. The Calcutta Blind School, Blind Boy's academy, Lighthouse for the Blind, Louis Braille Memorial School for the Sightless, Divine Fellowship attended and participated.
30 students participated Sports meet program organized by Paschim Banga Rajya Pratibandhi Sanmilani.
1999 - Joined National Sports Meet program at New Delhi conducted by Blind Relief Association and won prizes as winners.
Scouting and Guiding Training Camp at Ganganagar.
2000 - Inter School Sports meet held at Calcutta Blind School.
Participated at Swimming Competition arranged by Calcutta sports Association at Rabindra Sarobar stadium and won 7 prizes.
2001 - Students took part on 18th All Bengal Sports Meet for the Handicapped organized by Louis Barille Memorial School for the Sightless, Uttarpara and won 5 prizes.
12 students participated in 23rd Annual All Bengal Aquatic Championship organized by Calcutta Sports Association at Rabindra Sarobar Stadium. Prizes won in 50 mt. Free style for men and women.
6 students participated in the 7th Eastern Zone Chess Championship for the visually handicapped conducted by Nivedita society for the sightless.
12 students participated in the Swimming competition for the Blind and Mentally Retarded conducted by rotary Club of North Calcutta. The attempts of the participants were crowned with success.
2002 - Calcutta Blind School organized Annual Inter School Sports Meet for the sightless. Calcutta Blind School won the maximum prizes competing with Blind Boy's Academy, Narendrapur, Lighthouse for the Blind, Louis Braille Memorial School for the Sightless, Divine Fellowship etc.


The students are trained in Vocal and Instrumental Music from classes I to VIII. Under vocal stream light classical music, Nazrul Geeti, Rabindra Sangeet, Atulprasadi, Dijendrageeti etc. are taught. Playing instruments like Tabla, Violin etc. are taught under instrumental section.

Co-curricular Activities

1997 & 98 - Our girls took part in Sahara India Antakshari Competition and won 2nd Prize.
1999 - Students took part in the Music, Recitation and Braille competition organized by Voice of the World and won prize.
The Cultural Wing of Calcutta Blind School organized a Cultural Competition on integrated level. More than 200 participants from 35 institutes were participated.
2000 - four students took part at quiz competition on environment organized by All India Science Teachers Association.
Six students took part in state level quiz competition.
2001 - Students of Class VIII and IX took part in the Nature Study Camp conducted by Youth Hostel Association of India.

Work Education - Drawing, Clay-modeling and Craft Training

In the craft section students are involved in the projects such as exercise book binding, making of toaster, hanger making, chalk making, preparation of candles, weaving, making of door mats and basketry etc.

Under work education program students are trained to do gardening. The students cultivate tomato, chili, brinjal etc.

Terra cota Craft section has been newly introduced to the students. The students from Blind Boys Academy, Narendrapur also takes part in the workshop.


We have a regular scouting, guiding and Bulbul in our school.
As a part of this program we regularly participate in scouting camps at state and national level.

Annual Report on Research and Development Wing, Calcutta Blind Schol

During the year 2001-02, the Research and Development Wing (RWD) of the School (started in co-operation with Prof. J. J. Ghosh, Ex-Centenary Professor of Bio-Chemistry, Calcutta University) continued their research activities with major emphasis on the following two projects.

1. On improving the Science Subjects learning by the visually handicapped children in the class room:

Major attention has been given towards facilitating the successful learning of science subject by teaching. Suggestion have been made for improving the thinking power of the students while listening to the class lectures. Instead of the ordinary blackboard in the class, the Visually Handicapped students should be taught to use their "mental blackboard".

2. A study of the perceptual assessment of the visually handicapped school students:

The students has been undertaken towards assessing and improving the perceptual, communicative and motivational abilities of the visually handicapped students by using different testing system like

(i) Grasping by hand of stick held at different spatial positions.
(ii) Identification, Discrimination and Differentiation of common materials of daily use.

Testing systems and the assessment procedures have been standardized in the school by Dr. Debabrata Chowdhuri in collaboration with Prof. J. J. Ghosh.

Calcutta Blind School - The Resource Centre of Eastern Region under MCIT, Govt. of India Project

Under the national project "Information Technology for Braille Literacy in Indian Languages" sponsored by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt. of India Calcutta Blind School has been launched as the Braille Resource Centre for Eastern India .
Under this project the institution has been equipped with Computerised Braille Transcription System and other Computerised Braille devices and software developed by Webel Mediatronics Limited.


Sri Shymal Krishna Mondal, Principal-in-Charge
Calcutta Blind School,
Behala, Kolkata 700 034